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Let me take you to the
spiritual heart of your practice

I integrate ancient wisdom traditions with contemporary psychology to create a mindful practice that diminishes suffering, so we can walk the earth with ease and grace.

While there are many different authentic paths of Hatha yoga, all merge into one essential teaching that uses the body and the breath to stabilise the mind. It’s important to be ‘real’ and

live the yogic reality – and to take the practice off the mat, integrate the knowledge into your life and share it with others.

The ultimate aim of yoga is love, liberation and freedom. Moksha.

Let me take you to the spiritual heart of the practice.

Join me for a yoga experience of a lifetime

The Bhutan experience

Himalayan Yoga Adventures take you on a journey of devotion to the heart of traditional yoga practices.

Learn to teach

Our Yoga Teacher Training programs are technical and take you to the spiritual heart of the practice

Retreat within

Sign up for one of our relaxing and inspiring yoga retreats – a holiday to last a lifetime


Private 1:2:1 ‘online’ sessions with Heather Elton designed to your personal needs that will improve your asana technique and teaching skills.

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Private yoga classes designed for the circumstances of your life.

Meet Heather

My yogic path has led me to Asia in pursuit of ‘real’ yoga. What I found is an ancient technology for sanity.

Heather is an inspiring, no-nonsense teacher, who manages to combine authority with humility. She combines precise teachings from Iyengar with the breath and movement of Ashtanga to bring an enlivening practice drenched with gentle reminders that you already know how to do yoga. Whereas some yoga teachers are too physical, others too spiritual, hearing Heather teach is like listening to a fellow practitioner who has followed the same path you yourself are on, carried by inspiration and hard work rather than a feeling that the teacher is some kind of super human being whose heights we could never attain.

– Jonathan Ekstrom

Heather’s main strong points: wealth of knowledge; bringing us deep; not afraid of whatever emotion might come up. Thank you very much for that. I cannot imagine many teachers who I would have dared to go in the trauma of my lower back by exploring backbends. I recommend this if: you’re looking for a journey inwards and confrontation with self; love precise alignment and eager to learn about props; love for finding your own yoga voice.

– Houkje Berger

I am deeply impressed by the care and attention that Heather puts into her teaching. My own practice transformed as a result of the experience, as a hard-core Ashtangi, who often pushed my body beyond its limits, I am now softer and more compassionate towards myself and as a result towards others. I know others with soft, gentle practices have discovered strength and endurance they didn’t know was inside them. I have emerged from this experience with a deeper understanding of yoga and myself

– Jennifer Crowther

Heather is a passionate, caring and truly inspirational teacher. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to study with her. The training is not just physically, intellectually and spiritually challenging. It was a life-transforming experience for me. I developed a solid personal practice and got a deep understanding of the science of Yoga. I will always feel grateful to Heather for her guidance, support and sharing her wisdom.

– Youla Faita

I got to look inwards on my yoga journey, and know more what yoga is about. I have full respect for the way Heather teaches – with a non-dogmatic approach and true authentic wisdom. That is really difficult to achieve in the commercial world of yoga. The yoga she taught feels REAL. Consequently, I feel a lot more connected to myself and my own practice and know what I want to teach and how I want to teach.

– Lexie Tanner

Latest from the blog


The act of seeing and being seen. Viewpoint.

Are you wondering what all the eyes are about? They are the eyes of deities that I’ve had Darshan with during my spiritual travels.

Ultimately, these deities reveal your own inner essence to yourself. Your true Buddha Nature.

Darshan means GAZE, as suggested by its Sanskrit root, Drik, to see, but it is to see differently, to see and meet at the same time, having seen and known having seen, and feeling blessed to have been there, sensing a positive and beneficial inspiration from it. Darshan of a saint or sage, or an idol, a sacred object, a striking view, a mountain, a tree a light, the sweetness of the moment, a truth, – these sights transport us and reveal something else, something pertaining to interiority. A Darshan is an opportunity to face the Real. To be present. Free from the past (which no longer exists) and of the future (which is not there.)

The ultimate Darshan occurs when the veil of duality dissolves in the non-dual state of yoga –

samadhi, nirvana, moksha, pure vision, shunyata, dharmakaya.

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