My yogic path

has led me to sacred sites and into the hearts of spiritual masters. What I found is an ancient technology for sanity.

Meet Heather

I’ve practiced Modern Postural Yoga since 1986 and have taught yoga full-time, in public classes and privately, in London since 2004. A few private clients have been in my care for 16 years. I’ve taught 21 Yoga Teacher Training programs and 41 international yoga retreats and workshops. I love to take people on spiritual tours in the Himalayas – Bhutan, Nepal and India – where we practice and study yoga philosophy ‘On the Road’ within the cultural context of living Tantra. I can help you find your true dharma.

While I’m considered to be a ‘teacher’s teacher’ with over 35 years experience on the mat, I also like to make yoga accessible for everyone regardless of ability. As part of my charity work, I’ve taught yoga to addicts for the Westminster Drug Project and to homeless people for Crisis. I can help you find Sanity in your life and a yoga practice that will sustain it.

Let me take you to the spiritual heart of the practice.

“Some of the best yoga sessions of my life…”

“I’ve seen Heather single-handedly lead the group of 20 – 60 year olds, from first day beginners to qualified yoga teachers, into a varied and dynamic journey. We all gained insight from her yoga philosophy, calmed ourselves through her guided pranayama and I had some of the best yoga sessions of my life. I wasn’t bored for a moment. No matter age, ability or experience Heather will guide you to peace on her yoga retreats.”

Ana Mackay - Osteopath, London

The practice

My approach is a deep physical and psychological practice that moves beyond a mere physical experience to make the yogic inquiry authentic and relevant to real life.

The lineage

I began studying Modern Postural Yoga in 1986. I’ve studied both BKS Iyengar methodology and Astanga Vinyasa Yoga and have met the gurus of these lineages – BKS Iyengar and Sri K Pattabhi Jois.

What I believe

My yogic journey has led me from darkness to light, healing existential wounds and giving me true meaning in my life. Let me take you to the spiritual heart of the practice.