Mystical Burnings

I’m a yogini, part-time writer and photographer living in London. I’m passionate about travel and my yoga path has led me to sacred places in India and Nepal in pursuit of yogic philosophy and Buddhist wisdom. The journey has been a search for authenticity on the spiritual path; one that reveals yoga’s true purpose – to control the mind, to diminish suffering and attain Moksha freedom (or perhaps just sanity).

These ‘Mystical Burnings’ are a selection of writing and photography of a spiritual nature. Just as being in a sacred place, or in the presence of a spiritual master, can purify or reveal one’s true nature, these essays symbolise a kind of mystical burning, or devotion, an inner self-discipline (tapas) that burns away impurities and kindles the sparks of divinity. They mark the journey inward and are a metaphor for the ‘inner limbs’ of yoga.