London Yoga Workshops

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

with Kat Owens


Sun 16 Dec 2018 | West London Buddhist Centre

London Yoga Workshops: Trauma Sensitive Yoga


Sunday 16th December 2018

2:00pm – 5:30pm


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Becoming trauma sensitive within a yoga setting means recognizing that our past doesn’t dissolve away when we step onto our yoga mat. As yoga teachers, it’s important to acknowledge the likelihood that every class we teach will have participants who have suffered trauma (whether acute, chronic, or complex).

Teaching yoga through a trauma sensitive lens means respecting and recognising the innate ability of every individual to self soothe, self-regulate, & be present in their body in a way that feels safe. We all have a right to be well and feel empowered in our own skin. There are clear & useful tools that every teacher can use to make their offering of yoga more trauma sensitive.
This workshop will:
• Define what trauma is, how it happens, and what can occur psychologically and physiologically
• Explore the difference between stress and chronic stress and the role of the autonomic nervous system in self-regulation
• Share the latest research in neuroscience in regards to trauma and mindfulness
• Discuss tools to facilitate a practice that is adaptive, not prescriptive
• Share the value of creating a culture of consent and choice
• Hold space to speak on topics such as spiritual activism, cultural appropriation, and spiritual bypassing within a modern yoga context
• Provide clear take-aways and resources for supporting our own practice, our students, and our yoga communities
This workshop is not a substitute for therapy or treatment and the goal is not to become a trauma expert. It is intended to be a space of defining, reflecting and connecting the dots of trauma, mindfulness, yoga, and social justice. Ideal for yoga instructors as well as folks curious about how to support their yoga practice and/or community. The workshop will culminate with an asana (posture) class and guided meditation, but participation is not mandatory.

For more information about Kat, visit our Yoga Teacher Training Faculty page.


West London Buddhist Centre
Royal Oak House
45a Porchester Road
London W2 5DP

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