How you benefit

Refine your skills as a Practitioner:

  • Improve your Asana Technique under the guidance of an senior teacher 
  • Develop a skilful and varied asana practice as the starting place for an authentic yogic inquiry and spiritual practice
  • Develop precise alignment principles and technique to avoid injury
  • Nourish yourself by integrating restorative yoga techniques into your practice
  • Commit to Self-Practice and Self-Care
  • Study Pranayama, Pratyahara and Meditation techniques to explore the ‘inner limbs’ of yoga
  • Learn more about Tantra and the Subtle Energy Body
  • Study Yoga Philosophy to contextualise the practice

Refine your skills as a Teacher:

  • Gain confidence in your practice and teaching
  • Develop better asana technique to become fully eroded on your mat
  • Brush up on your Verbal Cues and teaching Demonstrations
  • Learn how to modify and teach specific asanas in a way that is accessible, sustainable and transformational
  • Create interesting and thematic yoga sequences and integrate yogic philosophy in your teachings
  • Learn how the teach privately and for public classes, workshops and retreats
  • Touch the lives of your students with personal style, grace, and precision, in a way that nourishes both of you
  • Discover your strengths and find your teaching style, or niche, in a crowded yoga world
  • Improve your website, yoga videos and online teaching skills
  • Get advice about budgeting and curriculum for a yoga retreat
  • Make Yoga your Business and increase your income from doing what you love
  • Align with your true self and find your voice as a teacher
“A non-dogmatic approach and true authentic wisdom…”

“I got to look inwards on my yoga journey, and know more what yoga is about. I have full respect for the way Heather teaches – with a non-dogmatic approach and true authentic wisdom. That is really difficult to achieve in the commercial world of yoga. The yoga she taught feels REAL. Consequently, I feel a lot more connected to myself and my own practice and know what I want to teach and how I want to teach.”

– Lexie Tanner