Himalayan Yoga Adventures take you on a journey of devotion to the heart of traditional yoga.

Our Himalayan Yoga Adventures take you to the spiritual heart of yoga

For over a decade, Heather Elton has guided students on transformational journeys to Nepal, Bhutan and Ladhak.

Himalayan Yoga Adventures take you through divine landscapes to experience sacred sites. We have visited Buddhist temples and dzongs, wandered the winding streets of medieval Newari kingdoms and ancient forests with views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, meditated with monks, met traditional yogis and Tibetan Rinpoches, spun prayer wheels, raised prayer flags, recited mantras, smelled the camphor and incense, felt the vibration of chanting and bells ringing, and experienced the gentle flow of rural life.

The thread that runs through these unique Himalayan pilgrimages is the Yoga. Heather and the highly-qualified teachers who participate in the Himalayan Yoga Adventures de-mystify spiritual practice, decipher the meaning behind devotional iconography and guide you on a transformational journey that takes you deep into your own practice to embody the sacred and bring you closer to your own inner guru.

Yoga Adventures in Bhutan

We traveled in a luxury bus, stayed in stylish boutique hotels, rustic and charming Bhutanese guesthouses, and glamped under the full moon and awoke to birdsong. We hiked through Rhododendron forests, river rafted to a tasty Bhutanese picnic, trekked to Tiger’s Nest the most scenic of all tantric temples, enjoyed a Bhutanese Khuney massage and Hot Stone Bath beside a river under the stars  – all enhanced through the practice of yoga.

Archival images from the Yoga Adventure in Bhutan

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Yoga Adventure in Nepal

Nepal is the land of ‘Living Tantra.’ Our transformational journeys through the ancient mandala of the Kathmandu Valley have explored the Buddhist and Hindu tantric practices that permeate the land and find expression in architecture, painting, sculpture, dance and performance, as well as rituals and ceremonies.

Archival images from the Yoga Adventure in Nepal

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