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Welcome to my website! I’m a yogini, yoga teacher, photographer and part-time writer living in London. My yogic path has led me to India, Nepal and Bhutan in pursuit of  ‘real’ yoga. I’ve travelled to sacred sites and into the hearts of spiritual masters. What I found is an ancient technology for sanity, an authentic  yoga that merges Hindu and Buddhist Tantra.

Please join me for an online Private Class or for Yoga Mentorship during the pandemic. Hopefully, we can meet in person in 2021 for an international yoga retreat, a Yoga Teacher Training programme, or an innovative Himalayan Yoga Adventure in Nepal, Bhutan or India that take you to sacred sites where you learn about Buddhist practices and yoga philosophy ‘On the Road’ within the cultural context of living Tantra.

You can read more about my background, experience and approach to yoga on the About page.

I look forward to seeing you on a yoga mat soon!

Love Heather x

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“Heather is an inspiring, no-nonsense teacher…”

“Heather is an inspiring, no-nonsense teacher, who manages to combine authority with humility. She combines precise teachings from Iyengar with the breath and movement of Ashtanga to bring an enlivening practice drenched with gentle reminders that you already know how to do yoga. Whereas some yoga teachers are too physical, others too spiritual, hearing Heather teach is like listening to a fellow practitioner who has followed the same path you yourself are on, carried by inspiration and hard work rather than a feeling that the teacher is some kind of super human being whose heights we could never attain.”
– Jonathan Ekstrom

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