Learn how to teach

What you’ll learn

  • We want you to learn how to teach yoga, so we’ve built extra hours into our Practicum module.
  • Learn basic teaching points essential to each asana.
  • Watch and give demonstrations of asanas, adjustments and Vinyasa Flow sequences.
  • Make your demonstrations effective and understood by students.
  • Watch videos of your demonstrations and get valuable feedback from teachers and colleagues.
  • Give clear instructions and refine your verbal cues to communicate effectively.

Create a yoga class

  • Build movement vocabularies and learn to sequence Vinyasa Flow as a seamless ‘moving meditation’. But also you will have the opportunity to create a yoga class.
  • Rather than memorise another teacher’s sequence, we want you have the skill and confidence to make up your own.
  • Work in groups and individually to create Vinyasa Flow sequences.
  • Learn how to design a class that is accessible, sustainable and transformational.

Practice how to teach yoga